Our specialist departments

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  • Livestock farming
  • Abattoir
  • Cutting room
  • Pre-packaging
  • Order preparation – logistics

Livestock farming

Debaenst srl also owns livestock companies in both Flanders and Wallonia, so that it can guarantee continuity and high quality standards for live animal transport.



The brand new abattoir was the last missing link for Debaenst when it came to guaranteeing complete vertical integration – from the farm to the plate. The animals are placed in stables with individual boxes, which makes it possible to check their exact time of arrival. From organic livestock farming to cutting meat immediately after the animal is slaughtered, Debaenst now manages the entire process, while ensuring animal welfare, safety for workers and meeting environmental legislation.


Cutting room

Thanks to the new cutting room, which meets the strictest quality standards and is directly linked to the abattoir, you are guaranteed to receive top quality beef, veal and lamb.

We offer sides of beef, front or hind quarters of beef and all kinds of technical cuts - from tenderloin to American fillet.



The pre-packaging department is devoted to cutting the beef, veal, pork, lamb and poultry into portions, so that it can be packaged. It is also where meat is minced and various preparations are made, including sausages, hamburgers and roulades. In 2007, plans were drawn up for the construction of a new facility close to the existing site, which will be dedicated entirely to pre-packaged goods.


Order preparation – logistics

In 2016, the pre-packaging department grew in size again. Ready meals are now packaged and labelled in a fully automated environment, which makes it possible to further increase precision, efficiency and flexibility!