The fresh mix

of meat, vegetables & quality

In 1950, Romain Debaenst, who ran an independent butcher’s shop on the main square in Diksmuide, began to sell beef to a few other butchers. After his son Wilfried joined him in 1965, the business continued to expand. In 2000, Kurt Debaenst took over the reins and relocated the company to Mouscron.

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Top quality

In Mouscron, Kurt built a new cutting room, which was directly linked to the abattoir, so that the cold chain would not be interrupted. This enabled him to offer higher quality meat, which could be packed in quarters or cut into joints and vacuum packed.



In 2002, the business expanded to include meat and minced meat preparations, which are shrink-wrapped or packaged in a modified atmosphere. This enables us to guarantee that our customers will receive an ultra-fresh product, which can be cut and/or placed in convenient packaging.


Breeding our own livestock

All the cows come from our own farms and livestock companies that work according to the Meritus and/or Promeat specifications. These approved organisations inspect the farms, cutting room and point of sale, in order to check that the beef meets all the requirements imposed by the quality label.


Supermarket distribution

In addition to butchers and independent supermarket operators, Debaenst srl now also counts major supermarket players among its customers.

We can safely say that Debaenst has a vast amount of expertise, which enables it to successfully combine quality and capacity.